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Sonia Ingriselli

A trained software engineer, Sonia moved to Spain from Canada and made a name for herself as SEO-Sonia. Always a believer in empowering others, she created classes and courses to teach self-management of online marketing and technology. In 2023 she released her first book to help people understand how best to use AI, and creates AI Consultants in-person and online courses for all ages and skillsets. 

Robyn Swick

Robyn studied the influence of science and technology on society in Graduate School, and like Sonia worked in online marketing, keeping up with technological advances. She was an early user of ChatGPT and benefitted from enhanced productivity in sales and marketing, so she took coursework in AI-relevant topics like Python and Prompt Engineering. With a focus on AI and Machine Learning solutions for businesses and individuals, AI Consultants is the platform she feels she can reach the most people to assist with adapting and optimizing AI for their own lives.

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Automate To Elevate Sonia Ingriselli

Sonia wrote a book last year and is in the process of publishing the updated 2nd edition. Stay tuned!

Our Mission

The future is here and Artificial Intelligence will affect everyone and every business. AI Consultants LLC was created to guide people through the latest technologies and advancements with ease. We’ll keep our community informed and educated, empowering every person to navigate the changes with ease, and to thrive.

Origins of AI Consultants Pro

AI Constultants LLC was created when Sonia and Robyn recognized in each other the same passion for AI. Not only for the technology and its capabilities, but the direct, tangible improvements in peoples’ lives when they learn to use it.

When Sonia told Robyn she wrote her Thesis about AI way back in the 90s before anyone was talking about it, and Robyn told Sonia that’s when she was writing her Thesis at Virginia Tech, the internet was being tested there as the “Global Village” and Sonia knew all about it, they realized they could be a great team to reach more people as humanity embarks in this new era.

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AI Consultants LLC CoFounder Sonia Ingriselli was recently featured in the SUR newspaper.

” When ChatGPT burst onto the online scene exactly one year ago, Sonia Ingriselli was one of millions of curious people around the world who were keen to see what all the fuss was about.

The Canadian self-declared tech-geek, who now calls the Costa del Sol home, immediately asked this artificial intelligence (AI) technology, developed by American company OpenAI, to automatically produce a recipe for a Greek salad.

Impressed by its response, the search-engine optimisation (SEO) expert thought of something else to ask which she believed would be more challenging for the bot to answer.”

The Instructor is Also a Comic (on the side)


For anyone intimidated by AI, or who simply likes to laugh, you’re in for a treat, because Sonia is also a comedian.

Learning about technology can be fun! Yes, it’s intense and there is a lot of information to learn, but why not make it fun?

With AI Consultants LLC ‘s courses and classes, you get laughs along with your learning, so it really is a fun and memorable experience.



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Alliance Vision Educational Center AI Initiative 

AVEC-AI: AI Consultants LLC initiative to implement AI education in Nairobi and use best practices to expand across Kenya and Africa.

George Otieno Sera, the founder and Head of School, was one of the first people to contact us about AI education. We are currently working to supply devices to the students and school and prepare course material.


Raise funding for 2 building facilities


Devices for 1000 students + staff/faculty


Course materials including online courses in English and local languages, study guides and support features.

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